Nextec Aviation Services

Nextec Aviation Services is an airport systems integrator, specializing in Air Traffic Management systems, Air Traffic Controller and complete Air navigation solutions.

Nextec Aviation Services successfully executed large numbers of major Airport Projects in the Middle East Regions under Nextec Middle East FZE. (Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates).

Nextec Aviation Service’s team are specialized in the field of airport integration and have widespread experience in the field of design, execution, integration and maintenance of mega projects in Airports and now available in Pakistan as well.

We serve our customers with highly skilled execution teams and professional project management experts aided by established Quality Assurance to ensure the delivery of work as per the local and international standards by following ICAO and FAA Standards.

Nextec Aviation Services includes Airport Integration, Air Traffic Control and Surveillance systems specially design for Airports only.


  1. Design of systems tailored to customers’ requirements that are Feasible technically and commercially.
  2. Selecting of best manufacturer/products complying with airports environment. Integration with the new and existing systems and deploying a complete end to end solution.
  3. We offer a comprehensive combination of IT, communications, electro-mechanical and experienced ATC talents in addition to our longstanding reputation.
  4. We have a highly skilled team of engineers who are very well aware of the challenges that airports sector is facing at present and accordingly can provide smart solutions.
  5. Capable of executing Service level agreement contracts
  6. Design, supply, install, testing and commissioning of all ATC systems.
  7. Acting as a single point of contact for our customers. Ease of communication and reducing multiple layers.
  8. Design Validation
  9. Excellent relationship with international venders.


Nextec Aviation Services strength liaise on the capability to integrate multiple airports/airbases systems and technologies by strictly following the standards of quality, safety and security and maintaining the highest level of engineering services by delivering the projects efficiently and in timely manner.

Our objective is not just to be a successful Airport Integrator but the leading player in the aviation industry working closely with both civil and airport authorities to deliver unmatched services and a wealth of innovation.
We have built our reputation on a record of quality, dependability and exceptional customer service.


Our expertise is not limited to the supply, contracting and implementation of airport systems. We also provide the following advanced professional services:

  • Design Consultancy.
  • Project Management.
  • Maintenance and Service Level Agreements.
  • Technical Support Services.
  • Introduction of new systems currently available and installed in the market.
  • Providing consultancy for upgrading of existing systems.
  • SLA Contracts for the all Systems
  • Design, Supply, install, test and commissioning of all ATC systems.
  • Acting as a single point of contact for our customers.
  • Design Validation
  • Excellent relationship with international venders.
  • Excellent experienced staff of consultants, Project Managers, Engineers and Technicians having international work experience.

System Supply & Installation > Air Traffic Management

– Air Traffic Control & Management Systems (ATC / ATM)

– Communication, Navigation & Surveillance (CNS)

– Collaborative Decision Making (CDM)

– Digital Audio, Radar Data & Screen Recording and Playback Systems

– Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System (A-SMGCS)

– Multi-lateration (MLAT) Systems.

– Electronic Flight Strips Systems (EFSS)

– Aeronautical Information System & Management (AIS & AIM)

– ATS Message Handling Systems (AFTN / AMHS)

– UHF / VHF Radio Communications

– Voice Communication Control Systems (VCCS)

– Integrated Display Systems

– Display Server & Graphics Visualization

– High Bright LCD (2K*2K) and related display technologies

– 2D / 3D Tower Simulation Systems

– Tower and Approach Consoles

– Rapid Deployment Towers

Systems Supply & Installation > Terminal: Special Systems

– Airports Operation Database (AODB)

– Public Address/Voice Alarm Systems (PAVA)

– Passenger Check-In & Boarding Solutions (CUTE / CUSS)

– Baggage Reconciliation Systems (BRS)

– Resource Management System (RMS)

– Gate Management System

– Master Clocks Systems

– People Flow Counting System

– Airport Management Systems

– Visual Guidance Docking System – (VGDS)

– Car Park Management System


Systems Supply & Installation > Terminal: IT, Security & AV

– Voice over IP (VoIP) /IP telephony & Digital Signage and Video Wall Systems

– IP / Television / SMATV Systems

– Total Security Solutions (CCTV / ACMS / IVA / DVMS)

– Integrated Perimeter Security Solutions

– Car Park Management System

– Structured Cabling Systems – Fiber Optics and Copper (SCS/SCN)

– Computer Network Equipment – CNE

– Wireless Data Network and Distributed Antenna System – WDN / DAS

System Supply & Installation > Airside & Airfield Lighting

– Instrument Landing Systems (ILS)

– Surface Movement Radar (SMR)

– Multi-Lateration (MLAT) Systems

– Airfield Lighting System (AFL) and Airfield Ground Lighting Systems (AGL)

– VHF Omni Radio Range / Distance Measuring Equipment (VOR / DME)

– Meteorological and Aviation Weather Systems

– Apron Management Systems

– Vehicle Monitoring System

– Runway Debris Monitoring Systems (FOD)

– Mobile Airfield Lighting Calibration Systems

– Runway & Taxiways Signage

– Frangible Masts and support structures for Airfield equipment

– Flood Flights

Services > Runway

– Friction and Grip Testing

– Rubber & Paint Removal

– Paint Marking

– Airfield Ground Lighting Cleaning

– Airfield Ground Lighting Calibration

– Airfield Ground Lighting Maintenance


Services > Terminal & ATM

– Service Level Agreement

– Maintenance