Technology is depended on by industries and businesses for their day to day operations and even a split second of downtime can cause huge financial loses. For IT, telecom and industries to keep running these business have to restructure their power infrastructure to identify vulnerable points and take preventitive measures against power failures and outages.


Battery systems or UPS are the first line of defence against downtime and unxpected load shedding; NEXTEC’s offers a specialized battery management system for large-scale development where power availability is critical for business operations. Our system increases overall system reliability and efficiency by monitoring each battery cell 24/7.

NEXTEC’s Battery Management System is cabable of:

  • Monitoring an unlimited number of cells/modules per string. 2 volt cells, 4 volt, 6 volt, 8 volt, and 12 volt modules supported.
  • Modular design easily expands to monitor an unlimited number of strings.
  • Overall voltage, cell/module voltages, current, and temperature are continuously scanned every second and compared with user-programmed alarm levels.
  • At user-selected intervals, overall voltage, cell/module voltages, current, and temperature readings are saved for automatic retrieval.
  • Discharges are automatically detected and data saved for retrieval. Discharges can be viewed in real time locally or remotely.
  • Alarm events trigger an indicator, dedicated contact closure, programmable contact closure and automatic email or SMS notification.

NEXTEC’s uses battery sensors to monitor and anaylze battery performance; our sensors remain attached to the battery for its service life and will continue to assess the health and power status of the battery. They provide a record of the battery life using measurements taken from the voltage and temperature.

The monitoring parameters of our battery monitoring system include:

  • Status (Charging/discharging)
  • Battery running hours
  • Battery bank Voltage/current
  • Battery bank KWh
  • Battery drain events
  • Battery capacity
  • Individual cell voltages
  • Remote battery test
  • State of Charge(SOC)
  • State of Health(SOH)
  • Depth of discharge(DoD)
  • Battery cabinet temperature
  • Discharge stretch
  • Remaining charge of Battery bank
  • Main Power outage based full charge capability
  • Material quality
  • Maintenance events
  • Charging time
  • Tine needed to Recharge batteries
  • Battery cabinet door
  • Battery cabinet moisture
  • Charge leakage
  • Battery life remaining (Cycles)

Remote Battery Health Test

One key area of our Battery Management System is to monitor the health of battery banks and to apply optimized charging algorithms to ensure the battery is running efficiently and correctly. The solution remotely monitors battery health including the following areas:

  • Voltage level of cells
  • Current of each bank
  • Identify faulty cells
  • In-line voltage test to indicate the “strength” of batteries
  • Cabinet temperature
  • Individual battery cell temperature
  • Battery Test (voltage/load) based
  • Conductance test to analyze battery health (individual cell, bank)