For any business depending on vehicular activity, fleet management is crucial. It is very important for these businesses to track the vehicles and have ace access to information about its location and status. Having this feature decreases the cost of transportation and crew while increasing efficiency and productivity.


NEXTEC’s smart fleet tracking system allows managers to see vehicle status on a map along with other vital information such as if the vehicle is loading/unloading or if it is under/over speed. This allows managers to monitor their fleet and make sure all drivers are taking the correct path and alerts are generated in case of a route diversion; once a route diversion is reported the vehicle can be remotely stopped. Our system transmits data over secure channels to provide operators with real-time alerts, reports and key performance information.
The major components of the solution include:

  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Vehicle engine ECU/OBD2
  • Vehicle tire pressure management
  • Vehicle fuel monitoring
  • Driver performance monitoring
  • Engine coolant temperature

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

  • GPS tracking
  • Geo-fencing
  • Unscheduled stops
  • Route diversions
  • Forecasting delayed arrivals
  • Density change alarms
  • Stops/Check points
  • Fuel temperature
  • Vehicle Idle time
  • Differential Locking
  • Efficient routing

Video Surveillance

Multiple cameras (Dash/External) to monitor:

  • Driver behaviour/ performance
  • Number of persons sitting in vehicle
  • Tanker Surveillance
  • Online view of site scenario


  • Unscheduled stops
  • Route diversion
  • Early detection of abnormalities
  • Breakdown management
  • Vehicle exact location
  • Optimization of routes and rounds
  • Driver assistance
  • Optimal handling of emergency situations
  • Precise planning
  • Geo-fencing( entering/leaving a zone)