A smooth operation and continous power supply for BTS sites demands fuel and monitoring the fuel is critical. Slow leakage or theft can go unnoticed but is extremely costly and can result in huge financial losses for any industry. Any unauthorized entry to a remote site creates a risk that can be preventented or at least dealt with properly after the event; entry such as this is likely to result in fuel theft or equipment damage and both will have a negative financial conwequence.


Our Fuel Management System has been designed to be powerful, functional and totally scalable to monitor a number of sites focused to one central multi-user operating console.
NEXTEC’s engineers the software to meet the specific demands of fuel systems; our algorithms are vital in determining the fuel level almost perfectly.

Most BTS sites are backed by disel generators which need to be refuled on a regular basis; Telco operators supply fuel to sites which results in high transportation charges. Our application provides  real-time site visibility and generates reports, graphs and alerts. Using the consumptio rates we provide Telcos with the exact refueling plan for their respective sites; refueling plans help operators reduce transportation and labor costs which results in overall OpEX reduction.

Key features of the Fuel Management System:

  • Automatic notification of fuel fill-up (configurable)
  • Automatic notification of Generator Failed to Start or Mains Failure
  • Fuel level history graphs
  • Fuel fill-up history graphs
  • Consumption calculations
  • Generator start / stop times
  • Automatic notification of unusual fuel usage (configurable)
  • Generator running hours
  • Commercial Mains IN / OUT status
  • Commercial Mains KW/h available
  • Generator on-board battery voltage
  • Optional Internal back-up battery to allow notification if unit has been tempered
  • Heart-beat signal (configurable) to confirm communications

Monitoring parameters:

  • Remote fuel tank level monitoring
  • Remote fuel tanks cap monitoring
  • Display fuel level in real time mode during refills
  • Optionally detect fuel leakages in fuel lines or fuel tank
  • Display historical graphs of fuel consumption and refills
  • Display estimated running hours of generator for remaining fuel
  • Fuel Monitoring (extra fuel tanks) – (optional)
  • Ultrasonic liquid ID
  • Diesel flow meter
  • Cap removal siren
  • Secondary tank level
  • Secondary tank ultrasonic ID
  • Secondary tank cap status
  • UPS battery level