Generators are important in establishing a backup power plan for any business, without proper generator management there can be extensive unplanned downtime can be damaging for a business. Operators today are very concerned about their power systems and traditionally a problem such as generator failure are dealt with after the problem has already happened and requires specialized technicians being sent to the site afterwards.


NEXTEC’s’s generator management solution is designed to monitor and control a generators’ overall performance as it happens. The solution is designed to help you analyze faults, maximize efficiency and take corrective action before a problem can occur.

Engine Monitoring

  • Oil pressure
  • Oil temperature
  • Coolant temperature
  • Coolant level
  • RPM
  • Engine vibration
  • On-board Battery voltage
  • Door Status
  • Failed to start Engine
  • Remote Turn Engine On/Off
  • Air in Fuel Line
  • Generator Engine state
  • Emergency Generator stop
  • Number of times started
  • Total amount of time on/off
  • Total Running hours
  • Gen-set Electricity theft
  • On-board Battery Voltage before start


Here at NEXTEC’s we help industries improve efficiency by providing accurate information about a variety of important areas such as battery run hours, temperature and generator run hours. NEXTEC’s application is tailored to ensure that generators run only when needed and to help avoid unneeded generator usage. If the battery level is not reached then the generators will not run, as soon as the batteries get discharged and the maximum limit is reached the generator will run until the batteries and recharged.

Various inputs are used to calculate which the better option is. Some of the inputs used are as follows:

Frequency of main outages

  • Ambient outside temperature
  • Ambient indoor site temperature
  • State of battery gravity or charge/hold capability
  • Ability to achieve a full charge keeping in view current main power outages
  • Load factors to run the site and how quickly to recharge batteries (time) and other key factors.


With our remote emergency shutdown facility, maintenance technicians would no longer have to manually deal with the problem or manually record the data for review. No longer does precious time need to be wasted when dealing with isolated events or with events at hard to reach remote sites.


With NEXTEC’s Emergency Generator Dispatch Facility the health of an on-site generator is monitored and faulty ones are identified. Business facilities will then be able to dispatch emergency generators when notifications come in about a potential faulty generator.

Following parameters and events are considered:

  • Crank/attempts to start
  • Failed to start
  • Consumption
  • Vibrations
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • RPM
  • Coolant Temp


Situations may occur where generators keep running at a site when commercial power is also available. We can apply information to reduce generator overlapping hours and ensure only one power source is utilized at one time to maximize power efficiency.

Our system detects:

  • Low phases and Missing phases
  • Low voltage and Missing voltage
  • Generator no load test
  • Generator full load test
  • Tempering with ATS