iQ-System PACS

iQ-System PACS is a picture archiving and communication system optimized for small and mid-sized imaging centers, hospitals and veterinarians. It is full-featured and reliable while, at the same time, affordable. It is also available in all major world languages. NEXTEC being the authorized channel partner of Image Information Systems provides local sales service and technical support.

Server Software

The core of iQ-SYSTEM PACS is iQ-WEBX, which guarantees high-performance workflow. It combines a central storage, an archive, a central management system and a web-based image distribution. Server-sided integrations with other HIS, RIS or EMR can be done faster than you would expect using the included iQ-WEBX WADO. Tools for the automatic creation and burning of CDs and DVDs, for printing on paper or for providing worklists to modalities are optionally available.


iQ-WEBX is a complete, easy-to-use and affordable solution for storage, viewing and distribution of any medical imaging studies and reports.

It consists of several applications in only one package:

DICOM Server: enables the communication between the modalities and the archive server.

Web Server: allows the web-based distribution of any medical images and reports.

iQ-X Web Viewer: provides an interactive diagnostic web viewer with all clinically required image processing features.


iQ-WEB2GO is an iQ-WEBX module for web-based viewing of radiology images on iOS or Android based mobile, handheld devices including the iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy SII or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

It represents an excellent solution for clinical reference for referring physicians who need to see images at their fingertips without being tied to a workstation. iQ-WEB2GO is also ideal for remote and subspecialty consultation. Access to radiology images is quick, easy and secure. There is no need to run an installer. Simply log in from your mobile device as you would normally log in to iQ-WEBX. Then, select the images you want to view in the Studies Overview page or search for one or a list of studies. Images are displayed immediately in full-screen mode with zoom/pan options.


iQ-WEBX WADO is the solution for easy image access integrated into any Hospital Information System (HIS), Practice Management System (PMS) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

iQ-WEBX WADO provides a secure web-based inetrfaces, integrating iQ-WEBX into other web-based or thick client based medical information systems. Referring physicians can access images and reports via this inetrface using the login of their existing information system – without having to log in once again. An automatic authentication process ensures the accurate access from virtually any other medical information system.

iQ-WEBX Report Convertor

Maintaining consistent and up-to-date reports between multiple information systems and PACS has always been a challenge. By converting reports to the appropriate format while also matching reports to the corresponding studies or cases in those systems, iQ-WEBX REPORT CONVERTER stands out as a leading solution to this dilemma.

iQ-WEBX REPORT CONVERTER is a module for our iQ-WEBX PACS that uses a state-of-the-art algorithm to automatically convert and transmit DICOM Structured Reports and HL7 text reports between information systems and iQ-WEBX. This process applies to new reports as well as to corrections and additions to existing reports.

The most innovative feature of this application is its intelligent allocation function. iQ-WEBX REPORT CONVERTER first queries for the matching study or case and attaches the properly formatted report. Using this method, a consistent matching between cases, studies and reports can be achieved.

iQ-WEBX REPORT CONVERTER is the complete solution for up-to-date, consistent reports in every system.


The iQ-Print server can print all types of radiological images, gray or color, on normal paper in high quality directly from a workstation or from any DICOM device on a standard PostScript printer. Overlays are also distributed correctly. iQ-Print allows for a standard configuration as well as a manual configuration for advanced settings. A configuration wizard makes the installation of iQ-Print very user-friendly and time-saving. The wizard guides the user through the basic setup for printing, paper, DICOM and additional settings. The entire configuration takes no longer than five minutes. Tool tips are shown to make selecting the appropriate entries even easier. It is possibile to add new settings as well as to edit existing ones. Special configurations can be made manually.


-High quality

-Cost effective

-No expensive film costs


iQ-DASHBOARD is a tool which gives PACS administrators a convenient overview of what is happening in their iQ-WEB 6.4.5.

PACS statistics at a glance!

With the help of this application it is easy to find out how many imaging studies were created per device during the last month, which was the most examined body part during the last year, which hospital site is doing the most CT scans, or which referring physician referred most patients during this year to just name a few examples. This makes iQ-DASHBOARD a great tool for performance reviews – not just for PACS administrators or IT personnel, but also for medical directors, heads of radiology departments or financial officers.

All the information is available at a glance! Simply select the desired filter options and time ranges to let iQ-DASHBOARD provide your PACS statistics in a clearly arranged bar chart.

Live Monitor:

iQ-DASHBOARD’s “Live Monitor” feature lists all incoming studies of the last 30 minutes. All studies show a link to the respective study in the PACS. This way, administrators can immediately detect any technical issues if studies suddenly stop coming in. Also if the administrator is informed by the medical staff that studies do not appear in the PACS or cannot be opened in the viewer, the administrator can check the problem straight away.


iQ-ROBOT is a convenient robot solution for managing the burning and printing of patient CDs and DVDs from any modality or workstation using PRIMERA robot systems.

The media created with iQ-ROBOT are compatible with IHE PDI and DICOM-CD regulations, enabling any recepient of an optical imaging media to easily read or process the contained information.

Additionally, a copy of the unique iQ-LITE viewer is included in all created dics, offering patients or physicians the possibility to view the images at their own computers, without having to install any medical specialized software.

iQ-ROBOT comes in 3 different versions for your convenience:

The BASIC version works as an optional module of the iQ-VIEW allowing users to easily select multimodality imaging studies and structured reports, even from different patients, to output them on a CD or DVD.

iQ-ROBOT PRO can receive in addition data from any DICOM modality simultaneously, e.g. DICOM archives, DICOM devices or any DICOM viewer. iQ-ROBOT PRO collects such data and automatically creates DICOM media either sorted by study, by patient visit (grouped procedure) or by patient. iQ-ROBOT PRO supports different burning/printing profiles.

The PREMIUM version provides, in addition to the other versions, a backup function whereby iQ-ROBOT collects data to be stored and creates portable optical archive media, e.g. CD-R or DVD-R. The schedule for creating archive media may be configured in a very flexible way: e.g. after having received enough data to fill a whole media, on selected days, weekdays or at a desired time.

All these practical features enable imaging centers of any size to save film costs and manpower, resulting in s short amortization period.


iQ-Router has been developed for teleradiology use with the purpose of accelerating the transmission of DICOM compatible image data by sending it in a compressed format. This, extensive data transmissions can be achieved even using low cost narrow bankdwidth connections.

iQ-ROUTER has been developed for teleradiology use with the purpose of accelerating the transmission of DICOM compatible image data by sending it in a compressed format. Thus, extensive transmissions can be achieved even using low cost narrow bankdwidth connections.

iQ-ROUTER offers bidirectional communication which means that modalities cannot only receive data over the teleradiology line, but they are also able to start individual DICOM queries.

The software supports virtually all DICOM image formats and transfers syntaxes which makes the iQ-ROUTER exceptionally versatile.

If desired, the DICOM header of images can be completed, adjusted or deleted using the PRO vesrion of the software. iQ-ROUTER PRO offers further the possibility to add rules for automatic data distribution. This allows, for instance, sending one type of examinations to one viewing station while other types of examinations or images from a specific modality are automatically sent to the station of another physician. This can be performed with simultaneous consideration of time schedules.

Of course, individual patient information within the forwarded data can be pseudonymized and/or encrypted according to the existing data protection laws.

The PREMIUM version features “Import Workflow Patient Reconciliation” which ensures consistency in the transmitted patient data and IDs.


iQ-WORKLIST is a powerful DICOM WORKLIST server and a must-have in every imaging center.

It can interface with most radiology, practice or hospital information systems, read scheduling data and create DICOM worklists for imaging modalities.
By using worklists, you can accelerate the imaging workflow and avoid typing errors. A worklist broker ensures that the data of imaging studies and of the information systems will be consistent on any level.
iQ-WORKLIST can be installed and configured within just a few minutes. It is reliable and easy to maintain. All connections and network nodes are included in a single license!


Reading-in radiological imaging data from patients´ portable media is becoming increasingly necessary. Due to the multitude of study formats and viewers available in the world of medical imaging, the capability to import and review these data can become a major problem at the front desk.

DICOMReader can automatically read in virtually any medical imaging data, including various proprietary formats, DICOM dialects and even future DICOM formats.

At the reception of a medical facility, DICOMReader will read-in any medical image and transfer the patient studies directly to the respective viewing station or PACS via the network. DICOMReader can even adopt patient information from the local RIS/PACS to match external studies with internal data.

DICOMReader achieves the highest world-wide read-in rate of medical CDs into any PACS.



By implementing teleradiology systems, hospitals and imaging centers increase their independence, flexibility as well as savings in time and resources. Additionally, they can outsource possibilities for sub-specializations while keeping high standards and eliminating bottle-necks. Radiologists do not have to be present at the same location as the patients and even the largest images can be transferred in a matter of minutes.

In order to help you find the appropriate teleradiology solution, we prepared a helpful brochure which will guide you through the “jungle” of available technologies for remote diagnostics.


iQ-CAPTURE is an optional add-on for iQ-VIEW PRO for capturing medicalimages from analog and digital video sources.

While going digital and switching to PACS, hospitals or imaging centers are faced with medical devices without DICOM connectivity or costly DICOM interfaces. iQ-CAPTURE provides a solution for this dilemma. The software captures medical images from sources that are unable to create and/or send DICOM compliant images.