Telecommunication Networks require reliable energy sources to keep a minimal down time. Most RAN sites are in remote locations where the power grid is not as good and fault conditions occur frequently which add to the challenges of intermittent power outages. Operators are in desperate need of a solid continuous monitoring of their power infrastructure.


NEXTEC’s Power Monitoring System provides knowledge when it is needed most to diagnose faults quickly and to constantly monitor power performance. Our smart sensors provide real-time visibility into the power grid components; site load and behaviour is monitored and design recommendations are made based on the analysis of historic data. Recommendations are made for areas such as power infrastructure optimization and dimensioning Solar Solutions.

Monitoring parameters

  • Grid power status
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Frequency
  • KW/h
  • Power factor
  • Phase voltage Imbalance
  • Missing phase
  • Emergency main power cut
  • Electricity theft
  • Electricity budget
  • Billing slab exceeded
  • Electricity consumption
  • Undre/Over voltage detection
  • Power outtages pattern/estimated timings
  • Frequency of Main Power Outages
  • Unsusal Electricity Usage

ATS Monitoring

  • ATS states
  • ATS relays
  • ATS contractor control
  • Bypass detection
  • Output voltage
  • Source availability
  • Emergency remore power cut
  • Real-time status
  • ATS control
  • ATS output monitoring

AMF Monitoring

  • Automatic Engine Start and Stop
  • Automatic Shutdown on Fault Condition
  • Automated/scheduled controlled operation
  • Configurable Digital Inputs
  • Configurable Solid State Outputs
  • Solid State Fuel and Crank Outputs
  • External Remote Start Input
  • Start/Stop Delay Timer
  • Warm-up/Cooling Timer
  • Single/Three phase mains sensing
  • Load contactor control Solid State Outputs
  • Pre-heat Timer
  • Over Speed Shutdown
  • Under speed Protection
  • Low Oil Pressure Shutdown
  • High Engine Temperature Shut down
  • Crank Disconnect from Oil Pressure